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Big smoked sardines in oil, from the coastal waters of Galicia, are only fished in season. The best of the catch is selected before being cleaned by hand, preserving the delicate flavour and meaty texture. Net weight approx.: 420 g  Net drained weight.: 280 g

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Ingredients: Sardine fillets (sardina pilchardus), sunflower oil, salt and Smoked natural aroma. Keep refrigerated betwen 0º and 5º C

The smoked sardine, besides an exquisite flavor, is food highly beneficial for our health.

Its high concentration of calcium and phosphorus helps to strengthen our bones. It also contains vitamin B12 and D that help protect our immune system.

Packaging reinforced by an elegant carton box that enhances the quality of the product. Especially indicated for gift. Packaging by pressure that guarantees the quality of the product for 60 days or a heat-sealed packaging that guarantees a duration in perfect conditions for 120 days.

They can be consumed directly or combined in the making of toasts, canapés or salads.

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