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Paprika octopus in olive oil.

  • Origin: Galician Rías
  • Fishing: By means of pots (traps)
  • Season: All year round except for biological stops
  • Net weight: 120 g / 0.26 lbs

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The fresh octopus comes from the best Galician fish markets. Once in our facilities, we clean them and freeze them. A necessary process to break the fibres of its meat and thus achieve the right tenderness.

Once the time required to achieve the desired tenderness has elapsed, the pieces are boiled with water, salt and onion for the appropriate time according to size. After the boiling, it is drained and left to cool for a few hours, in order to be cut and presented in an orderly manner, incorporating the Galician AJADA sauce, based on olive oil, paprika and garlic, and achieving excellent conservation.

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