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Sardine fillets in oil from the coastal waters of Galicia preserved in oil. These products are only fished during fishing season. The best of the catch is selected before being cleaned by hand, preserving its natural, delicate flavor and meaty texture.

Net weight approx.: 420 g Net drained weight.: 280 g

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Sardine fillets (sardina pilchardus), sunflower oil, salt and its natural smoked aroma. Keep refrigerated betwen 0º and 5º C

The smoked sardine, besides an exquisite flavor, is food highly beneficial for our health.

Its high concentration of calcium and phosphorus helps to strengthen our bones. It also contains vitamin B12 and D that help to protect our immune system.

Its packaging is composed by a cardboard box that does not only make it look elegant, but also enhances its quality. This product is especially designed for giving away. Packed under pressure in order to guarantee its quality for 60 days. There is an optional heat-sealed packaging that guarantees its perfect condition for 120 days.

Although it may be eat alone, it is best consumed with toasts, canapés or salads.

If you are interested in receiving this product outside the Iberian Peninsula, please contact us using this e-mail address

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