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Anchovy in vinegar, (preserved in sunflower oil). Handcrafted elaboration following the traditional methods, no added preservatives, colourings or artificial additives.

  • Drained weight 500gr / 1.10 lb

Pressurised packaging for 120 days (4 months) of preferential consumption.

Anisakis and gluten free.

Requires refrigeration.

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Curiosities: All our own product has been caught in the fishing season, warm season, why? All the information is available in our BLOG.

Ingredients: Sardine, onion, sunflower oil and pasteurized egg.

Keep refrigerated between 0º and 5º C

Allergens: fish

Shelf life: 120 days

Allergens: Contains fish and egg.

Health: The smoked sardine elaborated in pâté, besides an exquisite flavor, is highly beneficial food for our health.

Its high concentration of calcium and phosphorus helps strengthen our bones. It also contains vitamin B12 and D that help protect our immune system.

Consumption advice: This product can be eat alone or perfectly paired with toasts, canapés or salads.

For more information: If you are interested in receiving this product outside the Iberian Peninsula, please contact us by e-mail:

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pensaba que en mi tierra había probado los mejores boquerones en vinagre, y me he llevado la gran sorpresa que, desde Galicia llegaron unos boquerones en vinagre de escándalo, su punto de vinagre perfecto, un equilibrio de sabores que hace que sea un bocado delicioso y dificil de olvidar. Enhorabuena.

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