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Have you heard of the idiom "all sorrows with bread are less"? In this case, we strongly assert that with this special pack, all griefs are less. Imagine sharing this delicacy with all your family and friends, they will love it!

This special gift pack of Smoked Sardines consists of the following items:

  • 2 units of the " Smoked Sardine Case"
  • 2 units of the " Smoked Sardine Fillets Glass Jar"

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60,50 €

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Jar (2 units) and case (2 units) weight:

  • Net 420 g / 0.93 lb
  • Drained 280 g / 0.62 lb

Curiosidades: Todo nuestro producto de elaboración propia ha sido capturado en temporada de pesca, estación cálida ¿Por qué? Toda la información está disponible en nuestro BLOG.

Ingredients: Sardine loins (sardina pilchardus), sunflower oil, salt and its natural smoked aroma. 100% natural, preserving its natural, delicate flavor and meaty texture.

Keep refrigerated between 0º and 5º C

The smoked sardine, besides its exquisite flavor, is highly beneficial for our health.

Its high concentration of calcium and phosphorus helps to strengthen our bones. It also contains vitamin B12 and D that help to protect our immune system.

Packed in a black and gold round tin. Packed under pressure in order to guarantee its quality for 60 days.

Consumption advice: This product can be eat alone or perfectly paired with toasts, canapés or salads.

For more information: If you are interested in receiving this product outside the Iberian Peninsula, please contact us by e-mail: web@elpescadordevillagarcia.com

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